2021 Healthier Weigh - Portion Distortion & Hydration
Applying the Lesson
Choose one of the following activities to apply what you learned about your health and your healthy goal setting. Write a short response (3 to 5 sentences) to describe what you did and learned from the activity selected. Report your Applying the Lesson results by Online form, email, fax or hard copy to your county Extension Office.
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Option 1: Pick a meal and serve yourself the normal portions you typically would. Now stop and compare them to the recommended serving sizes for each food group. How do your portions compare? What changes could you make?
Option 2: Keep track of what you eat and drink for 3 days. For each food group, compare what you ate and your portion sizes to the recommendations. What did you learn about meeting the recommendations for each food group in relation to recommended servings and portion size?
Option 3: If you fall short of drinking enough water, start keeping track and use some of the tips or ideas of your own to add water into your day. What changes do you notice from drinking more water? What were the challenges of consuming more water? What are some ideas to help you overcome those challenges?
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