Transformation Tool Contest 2015 - OO Refactoring Case Study - Reviewer Scores
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Solution Details
Only the first two questions are mandatory. The detailed questions thereafter serve as further feedback in case the answer was accessible to the reviewer.
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Which version of the case has been solved? *
Does the solution generate a Program Graph according to the case description?
Are the refactoring changes synchronized in an incremental fashion?
Does the solution generate refactored Java code?
Software Quality Aspects
Only the first question (overall reviewer score from 1 to 15) is mandatory. The detailed points thereafter are not necessary for submitting a review and serve merely as additional feedback for the developer.
Reviewer score *
The overall score: how good did the solution solve the challenge? How creative is it?
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The question if a solution works with an understandable mechanism is of high importance, especially in the scope of the Transformation Tool Contest where such a comprehensible solution facilitates discussion and contributes to a profitable event.
In contrast to comprehensibility, this aspect refers to the outer appearance of the tool - whether it has a nice and/or user-friendly interface, can be easily operated, maybe even with custom-tailored commands or a DSL, ...
Communication with user
Although related to readability, this aspect refers to the quality, informativeness and level of detailedness of the actual messages given to the user. In other words: Am I as user informed that everything went smoothly? In case of some failure or malfunction, am I thoroughly informed what actually went wrong?
Conciseness (if applicable)
How many LOC does the solution have?
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Extension score (if applicable)
(in the range of 1-15)
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Extension score motivation
If there have been some extension points awarded, please give a short textual motivation of your score.
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Further Comments
Here, you can give us feedback about your answers and/or the evaluation procedure.
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