Identifying rare and unusual crop plant varieties in Barbados
The Barbados Association of Technologists in Agriculture (BSTA) along with the University of the West Indies (UWI) and the Soil Conservation Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture are jointly interested in identifying exotic and unusual plant varieties with that exist in Barbados.

The purpose of this form is to collect information from the general public on rare and unusual plant varieties that exist on the island and identify people who are willing to provide propagation material.

The goal of the project is to increase variety of fruits and crops available to the Barbadian consumer by increasing the availability of varieties to farmers and householders

Some examples of what we are hoping to find.

Exotic or unusual plant varieties would include unusual varieties of established crops for example:
Bananas - common varieties - Cavendish/Dwarf cavendish, Unusual varieties: Gros Michel, Lactan etc,
Mangos - common varieties - Julie, Imperial, Pawi (Père Louis), Unusual varieties: Any others

Unknown varieties and landraces
These may either be indigenous plant varieties, unknown varieties or landraces. Examples would include:
Particularly high yielding coconut trees,
Unusually sweet or flavourful varieties,
Properties that make it suitable for a particular products, example - seedless fruit, smooth sweet potatoes for mechanical peeling.

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This survey is to collect information on plant varieties currently found on Barbados. Is the variety you are about to submit currently found on the island? *
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This may be to help identify the variety, to get additional information about flowering or growing conditions. It cannot be overstated how helpful it would be to allow us to contact you further about the variety.
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