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Faculty and staff can use this form to request a librarian check to see if a work is covered in the Annual Copyright License. Some examples of types of items that can be covered are : whole books, chapters in a book, journal articles, magazine articles, and newspaper articles. Just filling out this form is not doing your copyright due diligence, please wait for a librarian's response before assuming something is covered by the license. A librarian will reply to this form stating whether or not the work requested is covered and if there are any limitations to the coverage (ex. can photocopy a work for physical distribution, but not digital distribution).

The expected turn around time for any request in 48 hours.
Do you have a copy of the title? ( You can only use the license if you, your department, or the library have a legally obtained copy of the work. This can be in print or digital. Reach out to a librarian for more information: *
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