By the People Rapid Response Network

We are building a grassroots network of everyday Americans, to impeach and remove Trump now -- for his abuses of power that have endangered our lives, undermined our democracy, and eroded our freedoms.

Trump must be impeached for exploiting the power of the presidency for his own gain.

We need hundreds and thousands of hands on deck to make this happen.

We need people willing to spring into action this fall.

We also need people willing to risk arrest with us in DC, like Americans have done throughout our history, protesting injustice.

We people to host actions in all 50 states, we need people to build web pages, and support online on social media, we need people who can take videos and photos, we need people who can paint banners.

If you’re ready to step in and join this historic movement we need you now!

When we remove this administration from office, we must show what kind of country we want to live in. Together we will set the precedent that the greed, division and hate that defines the Trump presidency, will not be a part of our future.
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