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After reading the text, you should have inferred that the dad does not have the best parenting skills.  Which of the following examples supports the lack of fatherly qualities: *
How would the story be different if it were told from the third-person point of view? *
Which of the following excerpts does not describe the narrator’s mood in the first section of the story? *
Read the sentences from section 1. “I could see everything. The green tablecloth, the plates with the holly pattern, the red candles waiting to be lit.” The primary purpose of the text above is to *
Period *
Which of the following best states the theme of the story? *
In the last paragraph, what does the author mean by the word “switchbacks”? *
Last Name *
Read following sentences from section 3.“He didn’t sing “O Tannenbaum,” but just about—and getting me home for dinner, buying a little more time before my mother decided to make the split final.” The primary purpose of the text above is to *
The author organizes the story by *
The tone of the selection can best be described as *
Which words from the last paragraph of section 2 best help the reader understand the meaning of the word sparse? *
The author uses the simile “snow whirled around us in bitter, blinding squalls, hissing like sand, and we still skied” to describe *
The quote, “If you haven’t driven fresh powder, you haven’t driven” means *
Why does the narrator’s father not call his wife to tell her of the situation? *
The story reflects the history of the father and the mother *
From the description of the father’s driving in the last paragraph, the reader can infer that   *
Read the excerpt below.“My father sat with both hands on the wheel, rubbing the wood with his thumbs. He looked at the barricade for a long time. He seemed to be trying to master the idea of it.” In this sentence, the author uses descriptive language to describe how the father feels *
You can tell the story is told from the first-person point of view because the narrator: *
What can you infer about the son’s motivation for refusing to say “Right, doctor”? *
In paragraph 6, the metaphor “his face was bleached by the cold” means *
In paragraph 1, what does the narrator mean by “I stuck to him like white on rice”? *
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