ICHS Coaching Evaluation - Student/Athlete Form
What is the name of your coach? *
What sport did you play for this coach? *
Instructions: Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible. Simply fill in the appropriate box according to the scale shown below. *
5=Very Good, 4=Good, 3=Average, 2=Poor, 1=Very Poor
Enthusiasm and a positive attitude are apparent in the coach's behavior.
Drills and techniques demonstrate the coach's sound understanding of the fundamentals of the sport.
Coach is knowledgeable of a variety of tactics and game strategies.
Coach utilizes and communicates team and individual goals.
Practices are well-organized, on time, and incorporate a variety of techniques and methods of instruction.
Coach is in touch with his/her athletes and individual needs, interests and abilities are provided for.
Coach establishes an appropriate attitude of respect for players, officials and opponents.
Concern for each individual athlete is evident.
Coach is able to administer discipline in a fair, consistent and appropriate manner.
Coach uses good judgement in prevention and handling of accidents and injuries.
Coach maintains control under stressful conditions.
Coach uses appropriate measures to successfully motivate the team.
Coach demonstrates Christian principles in his/her own life, as far as I can tell.
Coach expects team members to exhibit a Christian attitude on and off the court, floor, mat, etc.
What are some strengths for which your coach should be complimented? *
What are some weaknesses on which your coach could improve? *
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