9th grade Honors Biology
Honors Biology (9315 – semester 1, 9315B – semester2)
9th grade Honors Biology is a rigorous course covering the many aspects of Biology. Students will cover topics varying from ecosystems, to cells and body systems, plant and animal adaptations as well as evolution and genetics. Students are given the opportunity to dissect a fetal pig, sheep heart and a shark in an effort to strengthen the student’s ability to find patterns and cause/effect relationships amongst the living world. Honors Biology is foundational course for the future high school science courses and provides a stepping stone as students transition to high school. Come explore and discover the science of life- Biology!
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Review the course descriptions for the 9th grade Honors Biology. This is available on ELA’s webpage and in the description above. A separate application is required for each honors class you intend to take. Complete the student’s portion of this form (hard copy) and then submit to the appropriate teacher, and fill out this form online. Applying for an honors class does not guarantee you will be scheduled in that class. ELA reserves the right to determine the best placement for each student’s success.
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If there are more students than spots to fill, then we reserve the right to take the top 30 students based off of the criteria below. For this subject, please provide the following:
Last quarter’s grade: *grades should be a B (80%) or higher demonstrating ability to handle advanced course work. *
Latest SRI Score: *we recommend that students be able to read above a 1100 Lexile level *
I have read the course description for the class. I am indicating that I agree to complete the work required for this advanced class to the best of my ability. *
Parent should answer this question: I indicate that I support my student’s interest in requesting Honors classes for next year and understand additional fees may be charged to help cover materials for labs and activities. I also understand that my student will be expected to handle a more challenging workload and I believe him/her to be capable of such. *
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