Registration for Potluck Dinner!
Dear control-freaks!

The first Kalman event of the the year is going to take place soon, the Kalman Potluck Dinner!

On Monday the 17th of September, from 18:00 until 22:00, we will gather in Het Lagerhuysch and not just to enjoy food and drinks, but food and drinks made by you guys! The concept of a Potluck Dinner is that everybody cooks something from his or her nationality/culture, to show how great its local cuisine is, while you can also enjoy the food and drinks brought by the others!

D.S.A. Kalman has been very happy to receive some sponsoring from the TU Delft for this event, which means that you can enjoy all the food for almost no money! In fact, if you cook something, you will get up to 15 euro back from us when you show us your receipt(s).
The more people that cook, the greater the variety of food. To stimulate the cooking even more, you will also get 3 drinks for free during the dinner if you prepared something, so cooking pays off in multiple ways!

To avoid that all the Italians cook the same pasta and all the Russians only bring vodka, you can find an excel-sheet here where you will find all the dishes that will be prepared:

Use the form below to register for the event. If you are going to cook something, please also fill in the details of the dish that you are going to make in the excel-sheet!

Please, also name the amount of people that can enjoy your dish approximately, such that we know if there will be enough for everyone. We from Kalman will also bring some extra side-dishes to make sure that you will leave with full stomachs. ;-)

PS: Fridges and warmers to keep the food safe during the day will also be available.

See you there! And if there are any questions, just contact us during the Office Hours or at!

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