Volunteer Application & Agreement Release Form
I understand the Tri-Boro Animal Welfare, Inc. is a charitable and non-profit organization for the care and well being of dogs, cats, and other animals. I understand that dogs, cats, and other animals can be unpredictable, wild and untamed with the ability to bite, scratch, or cause bodily injury to myself and other persons, and cause damage to property. I agree to abide by the mission, rules, policies, and programs established from time to time while I volunteer.

I understand, and agree, that I am a volunteer and not an employee of Tri-Boro Animal Welfare, Inc. and that Tri-Boro Animal Welfare, Inc. does not provide any compensation, welfare, medical plans, benefits, insurance, including but not limited to workers compensation insurance to me, my spouse, my children or any other person with whom I reside or who may reside with me.

In consideration for the opportunity to participate as a volunteer of Tri-Boro Animal Welfare, Inc., I agree that in the event I am injured during the course of my voluntary services to Tri-Boro Animal Welfare, Inc., I understand and agree I will not sue or otherwise seek money, benefits, insurance, or any other compensation or reimbursement from Ti-Boro Animal Welfare, Inc. I agree that I will hold Tri-Boro Animal Welfare Inc. harmless for any negligence by me which may result in the injury or damage to other persons or their property.

I understand that as a volunteer, no one can accompany me into the shelter to assist in my shift or view the dogs, cats, or other animals who have not previously signed a Volunteer Release Agreement. In addition, the private combination number that allows access to the shelter facility(ties), is not to be shared with any non-volunteer.

I understand that my personal pets should be current and up to date on all vaccinations. I should consult my veterinarian as to what precautions I should take to protect my pets.

I agree to report to a Tri-Boro Animal Welfare, Inc. manager any animal in their facility(ties) that is aggressive or bites.
Tri-Boro Animal Welfare, Inc.
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