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The Excellence and Gender Equity in Science and Technology 2018 conference is pleased to offer two graduate student training workshops: Multilevel Modeling by Dr. Elizabeth Page-Gould, and Ethical Dimensions of Scientific Research by Dr. Carla Fehr. If you have questions about these workshops please email

When: 9 AM to noon, September 22, 2018
Where: University of Waterloo Main Campus, room tba
Registration deadline: August 20, 2018 or until the registration for a workshop reaches 40 students, which ever comes first.

Multilevel Modeling Workshop
Dr. Elizabeth Page-Gould, Canada Research Chair in Social Psychophysiology at the University of Toronto, will lead a statistical training workshop for event participants on multilevel modeling (MLM), also known as “Hierarchical Linear Modelling”. Dr. Page-Gould is internationally recognized for her expertise in MLM and is actively engaged in promoting access to empirical tools to the local and international community through invited statistical workshops. Key workshop topics will include the General Linear Mixed Models (GLMM), mixed models, random effects modeling, random coefficient modeling, nested growth curves, and covariance components models. MLM is widely used in the social sciences to study individuals embedded within larger systems (classes, companies, teams) and appropriately control for linkages in their responses, rather than assume interdependence. This advanced statistical workshop is accessible to students familiar with regression and will advance student research careers because it is increasingly needed for academic publishing of complex real-world (i.e., field) data, such the projects undertaken by the ESS research teams.

Ethical Dimensions of Scientific Research Workshop
Dr. Carla Fehr, Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy and Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Waterloo, will offer a workshop on identifying, evaluating, and deploying values throughout the research process. Dr. Fehr, an award-winning teacher, has been conducting research and teaching graduate and undergraduate courses on the intersection of race and gender and on the role of values in scientific research for 12 years. The Ethical Dimensions of Scientific Research considers the relationships between Intrinsic Science Ethics, which concerns the role of values in research methods and data analysis; Extrinsic Science Ethics, which concerns the influence of values on the construction of research questions and the reciprocal influence of research on cultural values; and Procedural Science Ethics, which concerns the responsible conduct of research as commonly required of publicly funded science. This workshop will support students’ ability to conduct and communicate research that is laden with social values, particularly in situations where limited sample sizes make it difficult to engage the experiences of women who are members of racialized groups, in an ethically responsible and academically rigorous manner.

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