The Centre for Biodiversity Analysis: Future Focus Areas
With the CBA re-funded for a further three years (2017-20) we need to think about how to maximise it's value, impact and potential for persistence (in some form) going forwards.

Having built our community over the initial five years, we now need to decide how to focus and prioritise the use of CBA's resources from here on.

One way of doing this is to align our science with strong impact to community and government, and important strategic areas in our partners (CSIRO's Environomics FSP, ANU's Strategic Plan, etc.).

Below are some examples we would like your input on. We welcome other suggestions also.

Please rank your preferences for the following. The CBA should focus on new concepts, tools, and capacity building for:
1 Most preferred
3 Least preferred
Advancing understanding of the evolution and ecological dynamics of the Australian biota
Adaptive management of species and ecosystems, especially in relation to rapid environmental change
Sustaining the National Reserve System, corridors to connect reserves and building capacity across the IPAs
Other suggested focus areas for the CBA and/or comments:
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We want to re-launch our ECR training workshop program. Do you have any topic suggestions?
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Would you be interested in helping organise such a workshop?
Please indicate which CBA activities you may be interested in over the next three years:
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