FLAND Summer Conference 2019 July 30-Aug 1
"Growing Minds, Building Community"
Featuring guest presenter Amy Marshall
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Monday evening I will attend the dinner/social at Phat Fish Brewery
Tuesday evening I will attend the Mixed Media Painting class ($35 at the door)
Wednesday evening I will join the Medora adventure west for dinner & a show, SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS
I will be bringing guest(s) to the mixed media paint night.
MEDORA (if you like Adventures) Check all boxes that apply (additional GUESTS are WELCOME add below)
Join us on a short excursion west to explore the historic town of Medora. A unique dinner experience followed by an energetic professionally produced musical.
I am bringing ____ additional guests to Medora. *
Medora Musical $45
Pitchfork Fondue Vegetarian Meal $20 (includes buffet)
Pitchfork Steak Fondue $32 (includes steak and buffet)
Medora Caravan
I CAN drive and have room for_______ more.
does not include NDUS credit or mixed media paint cost
Due ASAP (please make note of your amount due and abide by your payment selection) *
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