Bacon Writing Workshop Application
This application is for female and nonbinary writers of color only.

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This workshop is for writers of fiction. We will be working in prose. All classes and workshops are conducted in English. Work must be submitted in English. Classes will meet twice a week for two hours, for a total of four hours per week.

Classes commence the week of March 29th and end the week of June 7th. We will not hold class the week of April 12th. The application deadline is Sunday, March 21st at midnight Pacific Time. Your application is not complete until you have submitted a writing sample. (See page 2 of this application.)

If enrolled in the workshop, you will:
--Attend class via Zoom* twice each week
--Complete and file work in Google Docs* by agreed deadlines
--Read required texts, including two novels, by deadlines
--Engage in positive conversations
--Provide constructive feedback in workshops and critiques
--Provide feedback to Michele Bacon regarding the course and format
--Pay $150 total for ten weeks of class**

By completing this application, you are agreeing to the terms above.

This application will close at midnight Pacific on Sunday, March 21st.

*If you're not yet familiar with Zoom or Google Docs, Michele will familiarize you with either.
**Financial assistance is available. See page 2 of this application.
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Classes will begin the week of March 29th and run through the week of June 7th, with no class the week of April 12th. We will hold a two-hour class either two days or evenings each week. Select the statement that is true: *
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