Hey, Y'all! I need some Product Feedback from YOU!
I'm working on launching some new products and would love to have some feedback, in order to decide, which route to go with! Thank you for participating! To come up with my e-product idea, I'd use this formula : my skills + my obsessions = audience & product idea. So if I was an herbalist who had 5 recipes to help with nausea and milk production for pregnant women. I could write out the recipes and have them purchased from me.
What do you gain from reading my blog? What do I help you with? Am I solving a solution when you read my blog?
I love reading about *
I skip the posts about *
What was YOUR biggest challenge this PAST year?
What is at the top of your to-do list for THIS year?
What stopped you from checking that off last year?
You should blog about [fill in the blank]
WHAT KIND of eproduct (such as worksheets, e-courses, e-books, anything that's a document that could be sent online) could I write that you'd purchase? BE SPECIFIC ie. "Tips on being a cancer caregiver." *
You should create a ________ to help me ________. *
You should write more about / start writing about . .
If I could ask Cassidy anything it would be . . . *
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