JHHS Webinar Quiz - Section 1- Contract Language Specifications
In the following 5 question self-test, please read each question and all of the possible answers carefully, then choose the answer that best corresponds to the points made during the webinar.
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1. In addition to other change order administration knowledge, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the JHHS Standard Specifications Section 01-26-00 Contract Modification Procedures. *
2. In a submitted change order proposal, the contractor includes separate line item charges for change order preparation, estimating, MBE participation and warranty. Are these charges allowed or not allowed to be included in the change order charges? *
3. What is the maximum aggregated (Contractor, subcontractor, sub-subcontractor ...) markup allowed in a change order where there are several tiers of contractors? *
4. Which of the following is not allowed to be included in a contractor or subcontractor labor rates used to generate Change Order Proposals? *
5. On a change order proposal where there are significant unknowns related to labor productivity and you believe the proposed change order hours are significantly higher than appropriate, which of the following options should be is recommended? *
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