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How to save coins?
Create an account to save coins.
What do I do with coins?
Buy items in Shop (left of Login section).
How to save score and level?
You cannot save score and level. Same with other .io games, people start with 0 score in
How to play with friends?
Click the "Play with Friends" button in bottom right corner in the game.
The game is unbalanced!
We are trying our best to make the game as balanced as possible, contact us and tell us what is unbalanced.
I cannot hurt others?
If you are in the Casual game mode, players cannot attack each other. Play in PVP mode if you want to fight with other players.
Other players keep killing me! How to play in no-PVP?
If you want others not able to kill you, play in the Casual game mode.
How to join the Tournament?
The Tournament is still in preparation stage, you can follow the news of the Tournament in the official Discord.
I love, how can I support the game?
Thanks, you can help us by:
1. Disable Adblock.
2. Tell your friends about
3. Join Discord and share your ideas!
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