Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show 2015 survey
Thanks so much for taking time from your day to participate in the 2015 Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show survey! I’m looking forward to continuing the podcast for another year (or more) and would love to learn more about you as a listener and what you’re interested in hearing.
Here is a list of general topics. Please rank the three that you would find most immediately valuable for you and your business (which may include yourself and/or your audience). *
Answers in CAPS are the category including the items directly below.
Do you have a question or concern about your business or the yarn industry that you’d like to hear addressed in an upcoming episode?
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Would you be interested in hearing book or product reviews on the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show?
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Would you be interested in a Creative Yarn Entrepreneur virtual book club where we have a virtual read along of business books?
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Is there a yarn industry pro or business you’d like to hear interviewed on the show?
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Besides the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show, which other podcasts do you listen to or watch regularly? *
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How do you listen to podcasts generally?
How would you describe your yarn-related business? *
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If you have a question you'd like to share on the Show, or if you're willing to be contacted for clarification about your survey, please share your name, email address, and business name.
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