Peacock Gap HOA - CARES Pod Leader Agreements
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I am age 18 or over and have a computer, internet access, a cell phone that allows sending and receiving text messages, a valid driver’s license and a drivable vehicle. I am comfortable driving at night. *
I am able bodied enough to give physical assistance to a neighbor who might need help in an emergency, such as an evacuation order OR I have someone in my household or pod, long term, who could offer such physical assistance to a neighbor in need. I am responsible for directing that additional person capable of offering physical assistance. *
I am willing to personally contact neighbors in 2-6 houses near me to invite them to be a part of my pod, whether or not they have identified themselves as possibly needing help in an emergency. *
I am willing to get the full names, addresses, landline and/or mobile phone numbers and email addresses (if available) of those I invite to be in my pod and to maintain this list in digital and hard copy which will be shared with our Peacock Gap Homeowners’ Assn. (PGHOA) only. I agree to contact my pod members every six months to update my list. I agree to give my full contact information printed in hard copy to my pod members. *
I agree to take on this volunteer responsibility as pod leader for the foreseeable future or until I choose to give up this responsibility. If I retire from this volunteer position, I agree to seek another neighbor to take my place and to notify the PGHOA CARES committee, Larry Andow, ( of my stepping down from the volunteer position and any new pod leader who takes my place. *
I have read and understand the requirements above to volunteer as a pod leader in the Peacock Gap CARES program. My information submission below confirms that I meet the requirements and agree that I am willing to serve as a pod leader.
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