Jonathan Dorf New Play Questionnaire
First, I want to thank you for taking the time to answer this questionnaire. I am working on a new play for teens, working title Other, about how people of different ethnicities and those who have been touched by immigration issues live their lives in America.

To make sure that the play and its characters are authentic, I need to hear from people who actually live these lives. To quote my good friend Ed Shockley, "Great writers work in the specific." On that note, please feel free to go into as much detail as you are comfortable with. No answer is too long, and no detail—no matter how tiny or irrelevant you think it is—of your story is too small or unimportant. In fact, sometimes the tiniest things are the most important and help us understand your experience the best.

I understand, however, that providing details about your personal life isn't always a comfortable thing to do, and in some cases, it can be scary or even risky. So it's important that I make a few things clear:
• This information is being collected anonymously. There is no way to identify who filled out which survey. (Nor would I try even if there were.)
• No person or organization will have access to the raw survey responses but me, nor will I make any kind of summary or tabulation available to any person or organization.

So what exactly happens to the information you provide? In some cases, I may use it to develop a fictional character. It might become an element of that character's background, or it might be adapted and used as the basis for—or as a verbatim part of—a scene or a monologue. Or I may simply read it to develop a better understanding.

By answering these questions, you are granting me permission, without credit or compensation, to use any of your survey answers in the service of the play. Thank you for sharing your story.

Best wishes,
Jonathan Dorf

NOTE: There are 3 sections: "Basic Information," "Ancestry, Ethnicity & Language" and "Immigration & Everything Else." Please answer any questions within these sections that you feel are applicable to you!

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