Inclusion Web Module 2

    Fostering Diversity

    Respecting differences and cultivating a commitment to pluralism is an important part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Volunteers like you play the largest and most important role in ensuring that all girls feel safe, welcome, and valued in Girl Scouting. Fostering diversity is a critical part of ensuring the success of every girl in your troop or group. »» Understand that each individual brings a unique – and important – experience to Girl Scouting, and embrace those differences. »» Value, develop, nurture, use, and celebrate both group and individual diversity. »» Strive for inclusiveness in all activities, removing barriers to participation for both girls and adult parents/guardians. »» Challenge the biases of others. »» Treat others fairly.

    Learn what a girl needs

    First, don’t assume because a person has a disability, she needs assistance or accommodations. Probably the most important thing you can do is ask the individual girl or her parents or guardians what she needs to make her experience in Girl Scouts successful. If you are frank and accessible to the girl and her parents, it’s likely they will respond in kind, creating a better experience for all. It’s important for all girls to be rewarded based on their best efforts – not completion of a task. Give any girl the opportunity to do her best and she will. Sometimes that means changing a few rules or approaching an activity in a more creative way. Here are a few examples: »» Invite a girl to perform an activity after observing others doing it first. »» Ask the girls to come up with ideas for how to adapt an activity. Often what counts most is staying flexible and varying your approach.