Risk Profiling Questionnaire
Please go through the following questions and answer them serially. The questionnaire helps us understand how you feel about investment risk.

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1. Compared to others, how do you rate your willingness to take financial risks? *
2. How easily do you adapt when things go wrong financially? *
3. When you think of the word "risk" in a financial context, which of the following words comes to mind first? *
4. When faced with a major financial decision, are you more concerned about the possible losses or the possible gains? *
5. What degree of risk are you currently prepared to take with your financial decisions? *
6. Suppose that 5 years ago you bought stock in a highly regarded company. That same year the company experienced a severe decline in sales due to poor management. The price of the stock dropped drastically and you sold at a substantial loss.The company has been restructured under new management, and most experts now expect it to produce better than average returns. Given your bad past experience with this company, would you buy the stock now? *
7. Investments can go up or down in value and experts often say you should be prepared to weather a downturn. By how much could the total value of all your investments go down before you would begin to feel uncomfortable? *
8. Most investment portfolios have a mix of investments - some of the investments may have high expected returns but with high risk, some may have medium expected returns and medium risk, and some may be low-risk/low-return. (For example, stocks and real estate would be high-risk/high-return whereas cash and bank fixed deposits would be low-risk/low-return). Which mix of investments do you find most appealing? Would you prefer all low-risk/low-return, all high-risk/high-return, or somewhere in between?        

Mix of Investments in Portfolio
9. With some types of investment, such as cash and bank fixed deposits, the value of the investment is fixed. However, inflation will cause the purchasing power of this value to decrease. With other types of investment, such as stocks and real estate, the value is not fixed. It will vary. In the short term, it may even fall below the purchase price. However, over the long term, the value of the stocks and real estate should certainly increase by more than the rate of inflation. With this in mind, which is more important to you—that the value of your investments does not fall or that it retains its purchasing power? *
10. Think of the average rate of return you would expect to earn on an investment portfolio over the next ten years. How does this compare with what you think you would earn if you invested the money in one-year bank fixed deposits? *
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