2018 Harvard Political Analytics Hackathon
This form is to any Harvard undergraduate who is interested in participating in the 2018 Political Analytics Hackathon on November 15 and 16. The deadline for filling out this application is Friday, October 5.

This will be the second year we've done the hackathon, and it's somewhat unique in how it's organized. The goal of the event is to put together teams that are a mixture of political practitioners/consultants, folks from the media, researchers who work on topics related to elections and campaigns, and undergraduates with political science and data science backgrounds. The event should be a cool opportunity to dig into the new data that the 2018 election generates.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below. We are not looking for you to write long responses to these questions. A couple/few sentences on each should be sufficient.

For more information about the conference, see our website: http://politicalanalyticsconference.com/

If you have other questions, please contact Dr. Stephen Pettigrew: pettigr@sas.upenn.edu

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If you are selected to participate in the hackathon, you will need to be able to participate in the event on Thursday, Nov. 15 (starting in the late morning). You will also be asked to give a short (5 minute) presentation during the conference on Friday the 16th (ending around 5pm). Are you available on both of those days? *
Which, if any, classes have you taken in the Government Department? *
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Which (if any) statistics, programming, or quantitative methodology classes have you taken at Harvard? *
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Please tell us about an experience where you have used your data science/statistics/programming skills to solve a challenging problem (other than in the context of a problem set in one of your classes). *
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Please tell us about your main interests in politics and political science. Do you have any extracurricular experiences in the area that you think are relevant? *
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The hackathon will be an opportunity for undergraduate participants to collaborate with leaders in the political data science community. How could participating help you to achieve your post-Harvard career goals? *
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We will only be selecting a small number of undergraduates to participate in the hackathon. Is there anything else you want us to know, that you think distinguishes you from other applicants?
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