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Help other schools improve by sharing what's working for you in your transformation journey. We are looking for stories about leading meaningful, innovative change in one or more of the seven elements of transformation: vision, culture, learning and teaching, professional development, community engagement, technology, and funding.

This might include a story (like how you worked with your team to develop a strong vision), a template (like your district’s schedule of teacher-led professional development), or an idea (like how you raised funds to get WiFi on school buses).

Leave your details here along with a brief overview of your idea or resource, and we'll get in touch soon.

More examples of transformation ideas:

- description of your vision setting process and drafts
- vision statement and mapping how technology and other programs align to your vision
- spreadsheet and description of how you measure progress toward your vision
- stakeholder management plans and trackers

- innovative approaches to creating school cultures of innovation, collaboration, curiosity, and risk taking, especially among teachers and staff
- structures for fostering student/teacher agency

- effective professional development tools
- descriptions of innovative professional development programs and incentives

- implementation of a new learning model
- curriculum redesign process
- digital citizenship curriculum you’ve created
- description of how you empower students, teachers, and administrators to make decisions guided by data

- process/tools for evaluating the learning impact of programs and technology choices
- 1:1 rollout plan and implementation
- BYOD implementation process

- innovative budget processes, allocating and reallocating resources based on data and impact
- creative funding strategies
- creative ways to save time, money, and resources
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