Extracurricular activities in Schools / Institutes for possible inclusion in the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)
At present, the Going for Gold - HEAR strand working group are in the process of identifying extracurricular activities taking place in schools, departments and institutes to include in the HEAR. The HEAR is a digital transcript of students modular results as well as a recognition of the extracurricular activities that they have undertaken during their time at university.

The purpose of this form is to find out about the extracurricular activities taking place in schools, departments and institutes to grasp an idea of the number of activities that exist. It would also be great if you could confirm whether or not these activities are currently verifiable/have measurable outcomes (don't worry if you do not have anything specific at this stage as part of the project will be working on supporting you in developing these!)

An example of an activity and measurable outcomes could be:
1) Peer Assisted Learning
* Completed Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) training programme covering the knowledge and skills to facilitate PAL sessions
* Prepared for and facilitated a minimum of 6 subject related PAL sessions to support other students and facilitate learning

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Please list any extracurricular activities that you think should be considered for the recognition on the HEAR. Let us know if you already have any measurable outcomes for these activities.
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