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Thank you for your interest in helping Sashbear with their 5th annual Borderline Walk on May 28, 2017. Please complete the application form below. You will receive an email with your volunteer details and additional information. We look forward to working with you!
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Mindfulness Bridge Volunteers at 2016 Walk
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I want to volunteer for The Borderline Walk!
Select one or more desired volunteer positions from the list below. For full description of each position please see section below. If you select more than one please let us know in the comments section which one is your preferred choice.
Position Descriptions
Where Needed
Volunteer placed where needed on the day of the walk.

Site Management
Prepare park for walk. Early morning start.

Volunteer works at registration station (stationary position)

"Mindfulness Bridge" Volunteer
Holds mindfulness messages along bridge and around meditation beach (stationary position)

"Sandwich" Message Board Volunteer
Carries "sandwich" message boards of awareness walking along 5k path

Memory Table Volunteer
Encourages walkers to participate in activity (stationary position)

"Itinerary End Point" Volunteer
Stands with turn-around sign at one of the two end-points giving directions (stationary position)

Photographer - Action Pictures
Takes action pictures of the walk, during walk preparation, opening ceremonies and during walk including mindfulness bridge.

Photographer - Photo station
Takes pictures of walkers at photo station and stamps passport for activity (stationary position)

First Aid Volunteer (Requires First Aid Certification)
Stationed at one of the 5 first aid/passport stations (stationary position)

"Passport" Volunteer
Stationed at one of the 5 first aid/passport stations (stationary position). Helps walkers complete activities and stamps passports as needed.

Security Volunteer
Stationed around the walk site for security purposes (mostly stationary)

"Speaker's Corner" Volunteer
Stationed at Speaker Corner station (near registration gazebo). Helps video participants commenting from a list of pre-selected topics and stamps passport for said activity (stationary position)

Technical Assistant
Assist with set-up of audio equipment for MC and musicians

2017 Walk Organizers

Do you have up-to-date First Aid certification? *
Are you available to volunteer prior to the day of the Walk?
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How did you hear about The Borderline Walk?
I can donate SWAG for the walk
If you would like to donate SWAG for the walk, e.g. prizes that can be given to participants in draws or water please let us know and we'll contact you to coordinate.
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Comments or questions
Remember to include your preferred volunteer position here if you selected more than one of the above and feel free to offer any other skills you may have. Thanks!
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