DPE Training & Consultation Request Form AY21-22
**UPDATE: We are now at capacity with Spring 2021 trainings and all requests will be considered for the upcoming fall semester.**

Please fill out this form if you are part of a Harvard College student organization that would like to receive trainings and/or consultations by the DPE program. We will use this information to gather preliminary information about your group as well as gain a better understanding of your group's unique needs and requests. Upon receiving this form, DPEs will follow-up via email to set an in-person meeting time to discuss further partnerships. This form is confidential, and we will not be using information and details on this form for uses outside of our DPE Training and Consultation Team. To learn more about the DPE Program please visit: https://diversity.college.harvard.edu/dpe.

Note on DPE Training availability:
Please remember that DPEs are only available to provide trainings when classes are in session throughout the Fall and Spring semesters of each academic year. If you submit a request over the summer we will be in touch with you at the beginning of the Fall semester. If you are a faculty, staff, or admin and would like to make a request for a DPE focus group or consultation please email dianagiron@fas.harvard.edu.

Also please note that ALL DPE Trainings and Consultations with be *VIRTUAL* in compliance with the College policies until further notice.

-- Diversity Peer Educator Program
General Information
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Name of student organization you represent: *
Number of people in your student organization (please specify number of board members and general members): *
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Consultation and/or Training Request
DPEs offer both consultation and training options. We offer private diversity consultations with club leaders and presidents, as well as diversity trainings for large groups. If you would like to organize a large group training with us, keep in mind that we will need one consultation meeting with one or more members of your group, in order to gather more information about your group.
What prompted the inquiry for a training or consultation by the DPEs? Are there specific examples that highlight this need? *
Specific content, issues, or concepts you hope the training or consultation can touch on?
Check off all of the forms of DPE training/consultation you wish to participate in: *
If you requested a training, which of the following five modules would you be interested in? These modules can be customized based on your group's needs.
Past Training: Has your group received other types of training or workshops? If yes, please describe what worked well or did not work well in the "Other" section below:
If requesting a consultation please provide a couple of suggested times to meet. If requesting a training, please provide suggested times for a preliminary consultation as well as your prospective time frame for your training.
Consultation Meeting Suggestions: Provide 3 meeting time suggestions during the following two weeks that would work for you and your co-leaders to meet for a preliminary consultation. (All training requests will be required to attend an initial consultation) *
Training Date Request: If requesting a training, DPEs need at least 2 weeks to meet for a preliminary consultation and to develop a customized training. When would you ideally like to receive the training? (provide a specific date or estimation that's at least 2 weeks from the consultation dates provided)
What are the long-term outcomes and goals you wish to gain from partnering with the DPEs?
Would you like to receive a digital copy of the "Student Recruitment Toolkit: Achieving Inclusive and Diverse Representation in Student Organizations"? *
Toolkits will be emailed post TNC.
How did you hear about the DPE program?
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