x-terms: Employer Application
We're excited to hear about your interest in x-terms. Employer information is available at xterms.mit.edu/employers.html.

Applications for fall 2018 x-terms are due March 26th. The application is brief and non-binding. Please have x-term job descriptions ready and specifically meant for x-term students.

If you have questions, please email us at x-terms@mit.edu.

What is the name of the employer? *
We welcome organizations of all sizes, from startups to large companies.
What is your name and role at the organization? *
How large is the organization?
Where are your offices located? *
If you're far from MIT's campus, please let us know how you could help support a student's commute.
What is your email address? *
What is your phone number?
What is the name and role of your MIT alum representative? *
We require every organization to have a designated MIT alum working full-time at the organization to serve as a mentor for x-term students. This does not necessarily need to be the student's day-to-day manager. Learn more here: xterms.mit.edu/employers.html#show-info. If you have further questions, please reach out to us at x-terms@mit.edu.
What is the email of your MIT alum representative?
Which terms are you interested in having x-term students? *
Please upload job descriptions specifically for x-term students. *
You will be able to change this later if needed. All x-term positions must be part-time (typically between 10 and 35 hours) and paid.
How many students are you looking to hire? *
Please let us know up to how many students you're willing to hire for each of the job descriptions uploaded above.
How did you hear about x-terms? *
Please pre-commit to the following terms. *
This is not a formal agreement, but we want to make sure employers are aware of the program details. Precise dates are forthcoming.
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