Festival 23: 2018 Artist Application Form
The sequel to 2016's Festival 23: Convergence of Disco, 2018's event is Festival 23: Propagation of Wonder! At F23: COD we followed Timothy Leary's maxim to "find the others": at F23: POW! we intend to spread the joy according to author John Higgs' Wonderist Manifesto. Wonderism is the opposite of terrorism: the promotion of random acts of wonder and joy for their own sake, spreading the strangeness and adding, however fleetingly, to the sum total of human happiness.

We are looking for artists, musicians, speakers and performers of all stripes: visual artists, magicians, clowns, walkabouts, spoken word performers, situationists, puppeteers, comedians, dancers and anyone else who has a project, performance or piece of art they think would contribute towards making Festival 23:POW HEROIC!

Festival 23: Propagation of Wonder takes place from 6th - 8th July 2018.

Deadline for submissions is 23rd January 2018 and we will aim to inform all applicants of our decision by 23rd March 2018.

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