2018-2019 NCAE National Board Certification Fall Seminar II: A Deep Dive into the Four NBPTS Components
The NCAE National Board Certification Fall Seminar II will be A Deep Dive into the Four NBPTS Components consisting of a deep dive into components 2, 3, and 4 and NCAE NBCTs will lead candidates through the process of writing to demonstrate evidence of accomplished teaching. There will also be a NBCT Renewal track to support candidates pursuing the next steps to maintaining their NBCT status.

Space is limited to 30 participants in each seminar across the state, so please complete the registration form selecting your site and submit your payment. NCAE Members who have purchased the NBCT Candidate Support Subscription only need to register, as you have already paid for the sessions. It is not to late NCAE MEMBERS to become a NCAE NBCT Candidate Support Subscriber just check that PayPal link. The CSS provides you a virtual NBCT mentor as well as bundling all the support.

NCAE Members: $20.00

Non NCAE Members: $45.00

CSS Subscriber: $0.00 (no payment required, but you must register)

Subscribing to MEMBER ONLY CSS $125.00

Renewal candidates will have SEPARATE BREAKOUT sessions at these locations for both Fall II Seminars and the January 31 - February 2, 2019 BOOT CAMP at NCAE in Raleigh.

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