Antrim County Parks and Recreation Survey
This 16 question survey will help formulate the 2019-2024 Antrim County Parks and Recreation Plan. The replies on the survey questions will also help formulate potential goals and objectives within the plan. Once a draft has been complete, there will be a month long period of time for public review and comment, followed by a public hearing of the plan before it is adopted.

Thank you for your input on our County's parks and recreation planning process, it is vital to creating a park and recreation system to meet the needs of our residents. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Administration Office, (231)533-6265, or email Mathew Cooke, Deputy County Administrator, at

The survey will run through September 28, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.

Please select the Village or Township you reside in? *
Please select the appropriate age group you represent.
How many children, 18 years or younger, are in your household?
Does anyone in your household have a permanent disability?
If you answered "Yes" to question #4, please explain.
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What County parks have you visited in the past year? Select all that apply
How often have you visited or used a park in Antrim County in the past year?
On a weekly basis, how often do you visit or use County parks?
What are some improvements that you would like to see at County parks? (e.g. additional trails, parking, restrooms)
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Are there any park lands, facilities, or amenities you would like to see added within the County? (e.g.. new parks, trails, boat launches)
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What activities do you participate in at County parks? Select all that apply.
Should the County consider acquiring additional parkland?
If you answered yes to question 12, where should the funding source come from?
Should the County pursue the expansion of non-motorized trails (e.g. Pedestrian, Bicycle)?
Should the County pursue the expansion of motorized trails (e.g. Snowmobiles, ATVs)?
Additional Comments or Suggestions?
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