Venus Retrograde Reading
Tarot and Oracle Cards Reading designed to prepare recipient for the upcoming Venus Retrograde in Scorpio which begins October 5th. There are BIG changes coming for some, and for those of you in my age range, this is about more than just the next 40 days.

If you were born between certain year ranges, the retrograde period (40 days folks) will impact you differently.

1953 to 1962 Soulmate connection - you want to drown in love
1973 to 1977 Sudden, irreparable change - lasts longer than the 40 days of the retrograde period - more like December
1981 to 1988 You want a love that never dies

Maybe your birthday is not in one of the ranges listed. You may think you are safe, but...nope! Do you have any unfinished business out there? More than likely it's just in the last 8 years. Are there any lessons you have been ignoring? It's time to take off your rose colored classes. If you've been a push over, stop it. If you've been a jerk, own it, and stop it.

So whether you are going to meet the love of your life, experience life altering changes, or revisit unfinished business, equip yourself with a tarot and oracle cards reading.

Even though the first day of retrograde was Oct 5, a reading is still beneficial. Remember, the retrograde period is 40 days and if you are born between 1973-1977 it will impact you for months.

Thanks Astro Butterfly for your guidance (

Are you interested in knowing: how you will be impacted, your hopes and fears, and most importantly...your power, strength, and influence during this time? Readings are $10 and available until Oct 21. *
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