Whin Big - A Listener Survey
I'm so glad you've enjoyed listening to the podcast enough over the last 2 years that you've taken the time to fill in our listener survey!

Some of the questions are just to learn a bit more about you, and some are to help me plan and prepare more exciting episodes for our new format in 2022.

Everyone who completes the survey will be offered a voucher for £10 off any of The Whin's Instagram workshops or courses, redeemable at any point in 2022 - I'm so appreciative of your input!
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Where in the world are you listening from?
Which of the following best describes your interest in the podcast? (Choose any that apply)
How did you discover the Whin Big podcast?
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Do you use Instagram...
What's your IG username? (Optional - I'm keen to see the different types of businesses and people who are listening to the podcast!)
How many episodes of the podcast have you heard
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Do you listen to more guest interviews, or solo shows on the Whin Big podcast?
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What are your favourite podcasts?
Do you have any suggestions for guests? (Feel free to suggest yourself!)
Do you have any suggestions for digital marketing or Instagram or business topics you'd like us to cover?
Which of the following areas is challenging for your right now?
Have you used the Instagram MOT - the free download which 'sponsors' the podcast?
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Have you used any other of our resources? Which ones?
Lots of our episodes are created to help you learn and discover new things! I'd love to know if there's a nugget or a specific episode you remember that has been particularly helpful or memorable for you?
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