Stage Time & Wine 93-Playing for Change Edition
This Saturday's Stage Time & Wine Playing for Change will in an effort to raise $$ for a good cause.

For the 8th year now, we will be making beautiful noise to show our solidarity with the Playing For Change Foundation, and we hope to make a solid contribution, with the help of our fabulous and big-hearted community!

In addition to donating proceeds from the door, we will be setting out the Red Room Guitar Case (of abundance), so we're inviting our favorite musicians (YOU) to busk on stage to earn tokens of the audience's generosity.

In light of the unusual format and special occasion, we will be allowing PRE-SIGN UP to anyone who would like to perform a song (or 2) to ensure that the performances of this month's STW to be musically inclined. Performers have 5-7 minutes on stage.

Guests are still welcome to sign up at the door, but we are saving 8 spots for each half of the evening - so that's 16 in total, especially for musical performances!

Please fill out this form so we can save your spot and add you to the list of performances. Thank you for sharing and being open to expression, and we look so forward to seeing you this weekend!

If you'd like to learn more about Playing for Change, here's their website:

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See you Saturday!
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