Student Safety & Behavior Report
The Tiverton Public Schools deeply care about the student population it serves.We endeavor to keep students safe and healthy through as many channels needed in order for students to feel safe. The purpose of the series of questions below is to allow students, parents, and the community to alert us to a student who may be experiencing issues with bullying, harassment, drugs, alcohol, thoughts of suicide and or social-emotional problems.

We do understand that some of the issues you may write to us about are sensitive in nature. Once an issue is reported to us, our priority will be to follow up with the student and their family to make sure they are safe. These types of concerns could be:

- A student engaged in self-injurious behavior, such as cutting themselves
- A student struggling with an eating disorder
- A student expressing suicidal thoughts and/or plans
- A student who engages in risky behaviors using substances - for example, you are concerned that a student is excessively using alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, or other mind-altering substances
- Any student who you may have concerns regarding dating violence/abusive relationship
- A student who is being bullied or harassed

Please describe, in as much detail as possible, what your concerns are about this individual and their situation. It is helpful if you can provide specifics regarding your concerns.

Knowingly making a false report is a violation of school and state policy.

This form can be submitted anonymously.
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