Win a 3-Year Supply of SayAhh! to Keep YOUR Whole Family Healthy
“Mommy, my throat hurts!” Any parent dreads those words. Almost as much as using a wooden stick to poke inside the tender sore throat of our unhappy child or family member. But from now on, "It won't hurt to look!™

We're Q-In Medical Technologies, LLC, and we need your help. We're running a short survey to help us understand what people just like you think of our new and innovative healthcare sore throat management system called SayAhh!

What's SayAhh! you ask? Designed and tested by a medical doctor, used by doctors worldwide, SayAhh! is a revolutionary new system that inhibits the gag reflex when conducting at-home or in-office throat examinations, ensuring greater accuracy and comfort. It's a radically new and complete system supported by our proprietary app. You download that for free to your smart phone. With SayAhh!, you'll be able to accurately and reliably examine a throat, then determine whether or a doctor's visit is required. You can learn more about SayAhh! by visiting our website at:

Once you have seen the short video below, please take the short survey. The entire process should take you less than 3 minutes. We thank you for your valuable input! Just for participating, your email address will automatically be placed into a monthly draw for a SayAhh! Family Pack (includes 24 units, free access to our smart phone app, and free shipping). That will meet the needs of your family of 4 for three years. Use this system anytime, day or night, whenever anyone in your family reports a sore throat. By providing your e-mail address we can notify you if you win one of our monthly draws.

TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING, in addition to the monthly winner of the single 24-pack mentioned above, we will also be doing a random monthly draw to select 20 people who have completed our survey. These winners will receive a single packaged SayAhh! system, access to the smart phone app, an enclosed tri-fold guide, and free shipping.

Safe. Effective. Affordable Health. The SayAhh! Home Sore Throat Exam System should be your first line of defense for your loved ones...all from the comfort of home.

Click below to view the video.

Note: Your email address will be kept confidential; we do not give away, trade, license, or sell our survey or customer eMail addresses - never have and never will - we respect your privacy and are totally against S*P*A*M.

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