Diocese of the Midwest: Youth & Young Adult Deanery Survey
Glory to Jesus Christ!

His Grace, Bishop Paul has mandated that youth and young adult ministry and programs be a priority within the Diocese of the Midwest.

This brief 6 question survey is designed to hear from parents like yourself to learn what you feel is important for the spiritual growth and formation of your children in the Orthodox Faith. Please share your honest and candid answers in this anonymous survey which will help our diocesan youth team develop and provide the right resources for youth and young adult programs in our parishes.

Thank you for your assistance and if you have questions, please email Fr Benjamin Tucci at frbentucci@gmail.com

How often do your children attend the following liturgical services? *
Sunday Divine Liturgy
Saturday Great Vespers or Vigil
Weekday services for Feast days
Great Lent services (Canon of St Andrew, Presanctified, Akathist, etc.)
Holy Week services (Bridegroom Matins, Passion Gospels, Holy Friday vespers, etc.)
Pascha Liturgy
Sacraments (weddings, baptisms, funerals, etc.)
How often do your children do the following at home? *
Say prayers before meals
Say prayers before going to bed
Read the bible
Ask you questions about God, His saints and the Orthodox Faith
Ask you questions about other religions
Ask to attend church services
Express interest in church-related activities
Explore the web for Orthodox resources
Resist any or all church-related activities
Volunteer in non-church related service projects
How interested are your children in: *
Currently participating
Would be interested if available
In the past, but not currently
Not interested
Not participating
Church School
Church Camp
Vacation Bible School
Service / Outreach projects
Singing with the choir
Being an altar server
Reading the hours / epistle
Being a communion assistant
Attending Sunday Divine Liturgy
Campus Fellowship / OCF
What role should the Orthodox Faith play in the lives of your children? *
What do you think will keep your children in the Orthodox Church as adults? *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Somewhat Not Important
Not Applicable
Personal prayer life
Parents' involvement in church
Friends at church
Family / relatives
Accessibility of your priest
Liturgical services
Education programs
Service and outreach activities
Social activities
Would you be interested in having your children participate in the youth and young adult program at the 19th All-American Council in St. Louis, MO (July 23-27, 2018)? *
Our parish is located in this state: *
Our parish is located in this deanery: *
Optional Question: Share your thoughts, impressions, comments or ideas about the youth and young adult programs in your parish or our diocese.
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Please provide us with your name and email address. (Your contact information will only be saved for use with future plans to support our diocesan youth and young adult projects and programs). Thank you!
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