Bug Report - Sexbound API
The purpose of this form is to collect information directly from users about bugs or any other discovered defects while using Sexbound API and related mods. Please fill-in each of the below form fields. All form submissions will be manually reviewed and entered into a separate bug tracking program.

*Don't post support requests to this form; They will be deleted. Post your support requests to this Loverslab forum post: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/111871-starbound-sexbound-api/
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Your username/alias may be added to the credits section of Sexbound API or other related mod; it depends on if you were the first report on the issue, and if the issue is accepted as a defect.
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Please provide the entire version number to include major, minor, and revision number each separated by periods. I.e. v2.11.1
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Please select all mods that you believe are related to the experienced issue. Alternatively, specify the mod's name.
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Please use as much detail as possible to describe the issue that you are experiencing. Explain how to recreate the issue step-by-step. You are encouraged to provide links to screenshots that may help us better understand the issue. If you are experiencing more than one issue then please fill-in a separate form per unique issue.
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