Team 8Onondaga Welcome Back Survey
Dear Parents and Students;

One of our major responsibilities is to maintain open lines of communication with our students and with their families. In completing this survey, you will be helping us to easily access the information necessary to keep our students, and their parents, as "in the loop" as possible throughout the year.

We are looking forward to a great '18-'19 School Year!

Mrs. Judd
Ms. Stanziano
Mr. McAllister
Mrs. Suda
Mrs. Walter
Mr. Frank
Mr. Adamo

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Best Phone Number to Reach Parent (Please designate Home,Cell,Work): *
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4. Parent Email Address (Our first, and most frequent, line of communication with parents will be through email): *
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Secondary Parent Email Address (if none, please write "none"): *
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Student Email Address: If your child does not already have an email address, this year might be a great time to start an email account together so students can contact teachers with questions throughout the year. If none, write "none": *
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I have visited the Website, and I have seen the 81 Homework Page. *
I have reviewed the 8Onondaga English Syllabus on the team website, and I have emailed Mr. Adamo at with any questions. *
I have reviewed Mrs. Walter's "Welcome Sheet" that was sent home on the first day of class. *
In a million words or less… tell us about your child. We appreciate any information you care to share with us about your child. This information will be kept confidential. Please feel free to write as much as you would like.
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