PLEASE READ the grant requirements carefully before submitting an application.

Projects proposals must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered by the MAAE Grants Committee.

1. The applicant MUST be a current member of the Manitoba Association for Art Education.
(New memberships can be purchased from
2. The project MUST be a new, innovative initiative at the school, OR be connected to teaching about
cultural heritage, and must involves meaningful learning objectives.
3. The project MUST meet learning goals in Manitoba’s Visual Art Curriculum (must involve all four learning
areas) and MAY meet objectives in other curricular areas (social studies, science, math, etc.)
4. The project MUST be able to be completed within 14 months of receiving the grant money.
5. The project supervisor (educator/applicant) must submit an article, with photos, at project termination.
(Examples are at


Upon being awarded grant funding, applicants will receive 75% of the entire awarded amount. It is up to grant recipients to indicate if they would like the cheque to be written to the school (by default, cheques will be written to the applicant).

Only once original receipts have been submitted, and the 1-2 page article* has been submitted to the MAAE for publication on our website, will the other 25% of the funding be awarded to the recipient. The article must outline the project idea, process and result, with accompanying photos.

Recipients must collect and submit all original receipts (including artists’ fees, art supply receipts, etc.) for submission to the MAAE.

If you have any questions about your application, please contact Rose Montgomery Whicher (GRANTS CHAIR) at, or Dawn Knight (MAAE PRESIDENT) at
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Tentative Project Title (This can change if your funding is approved.) *
What grade level(s) will be engaging in this proposed project?
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Briefly describe the project plan using the guidelines provided on our website. What students will be involved? What will students be learning about? What will students be doing? What is the end goal? *
Please describe the way(s) in which this project is EITHER innovative OR teaches about cultural traditions. How will this project benefit the community, your school and/or your students? Approximately how many students will be directly (and indirectly) affected by the project or benefit from the project? *
Please describe the connections between this project and all four Essential Learning Areas from the Manitoba Education Visual Arts Curriculum. This includes: Art Language and Tools (MAKING); Creative Expression in Visual Arts (CREATING); Art in Context (CONNECTING); Valuing Artistic Experience (RESPONDING). *
Explain your proposed timeline for the project with (estimated) dates. *
Please summarize your planned budget for this project. List details of the ESTIMATED EXPENSES (i.e. art supplies / tools, consumable materials, visiting artist honoraria, facilities, equipment rental, etc.) NOTE: Costs such as travel and accommodations (i.e. for a tour / field trip) will not be covered. Capital purchases of permanent / major equipment such as technology (computers, iPads, video cameras) and permanent equipment (kilns, printing presses, pug mills, etc.) will not be covered. *
What other sources of projected REVENUE (other contributing sources of funding, such as school budget funds, donations, etc.) are available to help with this process? (ie. ArtsSmart Grants, Manitoba Arts Council grants, school budget, student fees, donated supplies, etc.). Are you asking for funding from any other source/organization? If so, from whom? (Please note that available funding will not hurt your chance of being approved; teachers who are motivated to seek funding multiple ways demonstrate intention and commitment to their proposed project plans.]
Thank you for applying for an MAAE PROJECT GRANT!
You will be notified of your application's status within two weeks. If you have any questions about your application, please contact Rose Montgomery Whicher at
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