3-Month Friendship Support Scholarship Application with Emily Siegel
I'm so excited you're interested in applying for this scholarship for 3-months of FREE 1:1 mentorship that is designed to walk alongside you as you pursue the friendships you crave. If selected, together we’ll develop a plan that honors your vision and unique preferences for friendship. And then, I’ll be there as you take the steps to bring it to life, tackling any roadblocks as they come up together. By the end of our time, you will have gained more confidence, perspective, and practical strategies for pursuing life-giving friendships – and you will be on your way to enjoying them too!

Mentorship Includes:
- 2 1-hour sessions each month
- Voxer support in-between sessions
- Custom friendship resources

Note: Applications are due Friday, June 4th; Applicants will be notified via email by Friday, June 11th.
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Where would you like to be in 6-months in your life and friendships? *
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What areas of friendship are you most interested in focusing on during our time together? (EXAMPLES: Making friends, deepening friendships, navigating tricky friendship situations, finding time for friendship, etc.). *
What are the biggest mindset blocks that are holding you back in your friendships? (EXAMPLES: Fear of rejection, navigating the awkwardness, finding the time, etc.) *
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If selected, can you commit to meeting twice a month for an hour over the course of 3 months? *
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