Mine Tour Feedback
To improve the experience for delegates at the Mine Rehab conference we are seeking feedback on different activities we had at this year's conference (7th Annual Best Practice Ecological Rehabilitation of Mined Lands Conference 2017).  As an attendee at one of the Mine Tours we are after feedback on the tours to help with planning for next year's conference.  Please fill this quick survey (2 min) and let us know your thoughts (your answers will remain anonymous).
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Last year's mine tour at Rix's Creek
Which tour did you attend? *
This year at Mount Thorley Warkworth
If you attended one of the mine site tours, please indicate your satisfaction with the following:
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Somewhat dissatisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Very satisfied
Price of tickets
Length of tour
Information provided on the tour at the mine site
Registration process
Networking opportunity
Clear selection
What was the key thing you learnt from the Mine Tour?
What suggestions do you have to improve the experience?
Recent mine rehab at Mount Thorley Warkworth
Has the mine tour experience assisted you in your role? *
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Would you be interested in attending a Mine Tour if you attended next year's conference?
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Top soil being laid out at Mangoola last year
Did attending the Mine Tours improve the experience of the conference?
Were the mine tours a good fit for the conference? (Provide any comments in the Other option)
When should the Mine Tours be held?
If you got a choice, what mines would you be interested in visiting?
Words of wisdom from John Hindmarsh at Rix's Creek last year
Thankyou for taking the time to fill out this survey.  We appreciate your feedback.
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