OpenNebula Architecture Survey 2020
šŸš€ Please help OpenNebula to better meet your needs! This should only take about 5 minutes of your time.

As an open source community driven by user needs, it is very important for us to have information about your deployment. Sharing this high-level information will allow you to have influence over the software and will help us to improve the support for most demanded infrastructure platforms.

All of the information you provide is confidential (for more details, please visit: We will not share organization-specific or personal information. We will only report aggregate, non-personally identifiable data.

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A. About You
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B. About Your Organization
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C. About Your Cloud Configuration
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How many nodes (servers) in your cloud infrastructure? *
Which CPU Architectures are you using on the hosts?
Which Operating Systems are you using on the hosts? *
Which hypervisors are you using? *
Which storage configurations are you using? *
Which networking configurations are your using? *
Which tools are you using together with OpenNebula to deploy, operate or manage your cloud? *
What Container or Platform as a Service (PaaS) tools are you using to manage your applications? *
Which features are you using or planning to use in your cloud? *
Are you using / planning to use any of the OpenNebula APIs? *
What features do you miss in OpenNebula? What components would you like OpenNebula to integrate? *
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