LVCCC 2019生之追寻福音营报名

Attendees under 18 year old must submit Parent Consent Form prior to check-in. The form must be signed by a parent or guardian. Under normal circumstance, students in grades 6 to 12 must opt in to QFL Youth provided with housing. A room key will be issued and a key deposit will be secured. Childcare Youth Counselor must select Grade only and Service in Volunteer. If you are unable to stay with QFL Youth but choose to "Stay with Parent", special circumstances should be explained in “Special Requests” Field.
未滿18歲的營會成員, 來營會之前,其家長或監護人必須簽《家長同意書》. 6-12年級學生,自動入住青年營, 房間鑰匙需要預付押金. 兒童照顧年輕輔導員需選擇年齡與服務事項. 6-12年級學生若選擇與家長同住,需要在 “特殊需要” 一欄說明.

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