The Virginia Film Festival's 2018 Festival Scholars Application
The Festival Scholars program provides a 6-day immersive, educational, and networking experience for UVA students around the themes of filmmaking, film industry, and film criticism. The deadline to complete this application is Friday, October 12 at 5 PM. Selected applicants will be notified Wednesday, October 17. More information about the 2018 Festival Scholars program can be found here:

The Virginia Film Festival is a program of the University of Virginia.

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Please answer and upload the following questions in a single PDF document. Responses to each question should be approximately 250-400 words.
1.Please provide a statement of interest in the 2018 Festival Scholars program.
2.If selected for the Festival Scholars program what goals do you hope to achieve?
3.Describe an experience that challenged you. How did you overcome this challenge and what did you learn?
4.What is your favorite contemporary film? What is your favorite classic film?
5. In response to question four, why did you select these films?
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Please describe your relevant film-related coursework, research, and/or work & volunteer experiences: *
The Festival Scholars program is a 6-day immersive experience beginning Wednesday, Oct. 31 and concluding Monday, Nov. 5. Other than class obligations, do you agree to clear your schedule for the duration of the Festival Scholars program? *
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