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( April 25th 11h00 - 11h45 (for official results, form remains open until april 30th). All times CET
Results: Evening 25 april

This tries to be a standard TempO event, but obviously with some characteristics forced by the current situation.
- 5 stations, 6 flags each, with zeros, but:
- Photos taken from 10-12m height
- Flags artificially placed on the photo
- Map standard is ISOM2000, scale 1:1000, drawn in 2003, revised (from my window :) ) in 2020
- A few flags have letters beside them to help identify which one is it

As the all procedure is a bit slower than in normal events, mistakes will be penalized by 45sec. So final classification is made by "total time + mistakes x 45sec". Only those finished before 11:45 will be taken into account for the results. But the form will remain open.
There will be:
- Individual Classification
- Team Classification (best 3 for each club count)
- Country Classification (best 5 for each country count)

Recommended procedure:
- Fill your email, name, club and country
- Event begins (time is counted from 11h00:00)
- For each task there will be the station photo and the task map.
NEW Control description can be significative on some points ...
NEW Due to the scale 1:1000, the vision point is not always in the map, although I did not use this induce mistakes

I recommend to right click in the photo of the first task of each station and "Open in new tab", drag the tab to a new browser window, enlarge if needed, and then you can quickly switch from photo to map wih ALT+TAB
- Answer each task then click next (do not go back, fairplay)
- Once you have finished, press submit. That will end the time.

Many thanks to Libor Forst for TIM
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