2019 Gilmore Piano Camp Information Form
This is a follow up form after you have registered your student(s) for Sherman Lake YMCA's Gilmore Piano Camp, June 23-28, 2019. Answers here help us properly schedule and place your student in camp groups, in addition to providing us with musical information regarding your student.
Basic Information
Camper First Name *
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Age *
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Piano Teacher Name (First, Last) *
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Music Information
How many years have you studied piano?
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What are the other instruments/voice you have studied?
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For how many years have you studied these other instruments/voice?
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What is your approximate piano level?
If you are using a methods book, a name and number will work, if not, you can simply list the title and composer of a piece you are currently working on.
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First elective preference (Overnight campers only)
Second elective preference (Overnight campers only)
Third elective preference (Overnight campers only)
T-Shirt information
At The Gilmore Piano Camp, we like to have everyone in a Gilmore Camp T-Shirt for the final recitals. ONE Gilmore Camp t-shirt is included with the cost of registration. Please use the questions below to VERIFY your student's t-shirt size. If you would like MORE THAN ONE t-shirt, you may select how many and what sizes you would like, at $15 a shirt, collected at Camp sign-in in July.
Please confirm the quantity of Gilmore Camp T-shirts you would like for you and/or your student: *
Please select the size(s) of Gilmore Camp t-shirts you would like:
quantity 1
quantity 2
Youth M
Youth L
Adult S
Adult M
Adult L
Adult XL
Special Requests
Dietary restrictions, allergies, pertinent medical information can all be confidentially submitted here.
Use this section to list any special requests you have for your camper.
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Photo / Video Release *
As Parent/Guardian, I release the right for photos or videos of this student to be taken during the 2018 Gilmore Piano Camp at Sherman Lake YMCA. I understand that these images will only be used to document program activities for sponsors of The Gilmore Education programs and/or future Gilmore music education events. I understand that parental permission will be obtained for photo usage outside of the above situations.
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