F*** Stairs Pledge 2022
The F*** Stairs campaign began as a simple exclamation, "F*** Stairs." But born out of that was a vision for the new normal; one where the world came to greater understand how disabled people live and experience our social and built environments. One where barriers would be dismantled and where inclusion is understood as a human right.

The F*** Stairs campaign at UW will take place on the week of April 11th-15th, where able-bodied people and disabled allies pledge to use only accessible pathways in solidarity with wheelchair uses and other people with mobility impairments. This challenge was created to demonstrate just how inaccessible and unwelcoming physical spaces continues to be, even 30 years after the signing of the ADA.
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Campaign Rules
1. Only use pathways available to wheelchair users for the duration of the campaign. This commonly excludes the following:
- Doors that are too narrow
- Doors with no push button
- Stairs
- Sidewalks that are too narrow
- Elevated curbs

2. Refrain from using elevators as part of the campaign (unless needed), to ensure they are accessible and available for others to use.

3. If you break the rules above, for example you enter a building without a push button, please document it to reflect upon later.

4. Feel free to post your F*** Stairs experiences and/or reflections on social media by using "#FStairs" and tagging @asuwsdc and/or @cripriot.
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In solidarity with disabled students who are excluded from the University of Washington, I pledge to only use accessible routes to those with mobility impairments for the duration of this campaign (April 11th - April 15th). *
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