Father Son Retreat 2019 - Volunteer Application - September 5 - 8, 2019
This is the application for Volunteer Staff for Father Son Retreat 2019. Due to the amount of applicants, we cannot guarantee every applicant will be accepted. Please be thorough with your responses and contact Kathryn Kendrick with any questions. kathryn@campmcdowell.com 205-719-7727
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Are you willing to serve as a cabin leader, upholding the Covenant of Common Life and insuring the safety of all participants at all times? *
Pre-camp commitment: I understand that pre-camp is mandatory and that I am expected to participate in the entire pre-camp session. If selected, I commit to being present for the entire pre-camp session, beginning September 5 at 5pm *
Commitment to full participation: I understand that I am expected to be fully present for the entire event, including program, worship, and activities during the event, as well as honoring the "no cell phone" policy and participating in the closing Eucharist, a brief concluding staff meeting, and clean-up on September 8. *
Covenant of Common Life: I agree to live by the standards set for the event; I understand their is no use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or weapons of any kind; I understand inappropriate sexual behavior is not tolerated; in order to respect all participants' privacy, at no time may a male enter a female cabin or a female enter a male cabin; if I choose to violate these standards or am knowingly in the presence of others who are violating these standards, I will be sent home immediately at my own expense. *
Have you taken Safeguarding God's Children training in the last year? *
Please list one reference that we may contact, including their name, e-mail, and phone number. *
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Please describe any medical concerns we should know about, including any over-the-counter or prescription medications (name, strength, and dosage) you will be bringing with you to the event. All oral medications will need to be kept with the nurse and dispensed in the health hut. *
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Do you have any specific dietary needs? If so, please describe them (vegan, vegetarian, food allergies, etc.)
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