Choral Parent Organization Interest Form 2018
About CPO
The Choral Parents Organization (CPO) is an organization of parent volunteers. CPO was formed by San Dimas and Lone Hill Parents in 2017 to assist with funding for expenses of the Choral Music Department. Our primary goal is to support services and funding for SDHS & LHMS Choral Music Department expenses that are not covered by the BUSD budget. CPO is a tax-exempt organization under the umbrella of SD Saints Booster, and donations to CPO are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Services provided by CPO include:

Financial support through membership donations, general donations, grants, and fundraising activities. Funds are used to pay for: sheet music, transportation, accompanists, instrumental musicians, piano tuning, classroom equipment and supplies, scholarships, festival fees, clinicians, auditorium rental, custodial services, awards and programs.

Administrative support through volunteer hours. Volunteers coordinate communications regarding each choir’s activities to parents, event planning, fundraising activities, grant applications, concert program preparations, website and calendar maintenance, and administrative and clerical assistance to the Choral Director.

We encourage you to join our organization.
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Choir Parent Organization Meetings
Meetings typically take place every third Thursday of the month with a special kick off event scheduled for September 30th. OUR FIRST MEETING IS SEPTEMBER 20th @6PM IN LHMS CHOIR ROOM.
Are you able to attend a Wine & Cheese Leadership gathering September 30th @ 6pm?
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Our parent meetings are currently scheduled for Sept 20, Oct 18, Nov 15, Dec 20, Jan 17, Feb 21, Mar 21, Apr 18, May 16. Are you able to attend any of these meetings?
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Parent Concert Volunteer Requirement/Sign Up
Hello choir families my name is Kim Lowary and I am your Choir Volunteer Coordinator. We are extremely excited for our choir season this year, and looking forward to some wonderful shows, and performances.

Mr. Pugh is not only preparing our performers for greatness, but he is also introducing some new and exciting events and opportunities for our performers. A parent organization has been established, the possibility of a choir tour has been discussed, and the opportunity to offer items such as flower sales, raffles, and possibly a snack station at our upcoming choir events is in the works. All of these upcoming opportunities, and events will require fundraising and parent participation. I am a firm believer that it “takes a village” to run a successful program, and I also believe in everyone’s participation. Our performers will participate in four concerts this season, and with over 180 students we should have more than enough participation if everyone works one evening as a volunteer. My goal is to have San Dimas volunteers work a Lone Hill event, and Lone Hill parents work a San Dimas event. This way everyone has the opportunity to view their students’ performance uninterrupted.

Below is a list of upcoming concert dates. Please reply back to me via email as soon as possible with your desired date to work. Each family is required to work one event. If you personally cannot work an event please send a family member, neighbor, or friend in your place. Your assigned duty of Ticket Sales, Ticket Takers, Usher, Flower Sales, or Snack Station will be assigned upon arrival. You can send anyone over the age of 18 to volunteer they just cannot be a current San Dimas or Lone Hill student. Please reply below with your preferred dates. Thank you in advance for helping to make our Choral Program a success, and for investing time in your performer.

-Kim Lowary (CPO Volunteer Coordinator)
What concert are you able to assist? (Each family must work one) *
SD Fall Concert Oct. 10, 2018 @6pm
LH Fall Concert Oct 11, 2018 @6pm
SD Winter Concert Dec. 12, 2018 @6pm
LH Winter Concert Dec. 13, 2018 @6pm
SD Spring Concert Mar. 6, 2019 @6pm
LH Spring Concert Mar. 6, 2019 @6pm
LH Pops Concert May 7, 2019 @6pm
SD Pops Concert May 8, 2019 @6pm
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